About Our Dogs


Pawsible Dogs are Special Dogs.


Where Do We Get Our Dogs?

Pawsible will first utilize every option available to us to use the potential client’s own dog or rescue a dog for a potential client. Should a suitable rescue dog not be found in an acceptable time frame, we will then and only then look to known and responsible breeders. We do not have a breeding program, nor do we want one. We do not keep dogs standing and waiting in a kennel for clients. Each dog is hand picked and chosen specifically for each client’s needs. Depending on the client’s situation, the distance from Pawsible, and the needs of the dog, we may place the dog directly in the client’s home or we may place in a Puppy Raiser’s home for a while. Pawsible will work with a dog you already have for service dogs and therapy dogs, provided it passes our evaluation and is deemed a suitable candidate.


Why do we use Rescue Dogs?

Long story short, because we believe in second chances. Many dogs in shelters today are there because they weren’t given the proper direction or training as puppies, and so developed some sort of issue (chewing, hyperactivity, etc.) as teenagers or adults. Some of them were just the wrong dog for the house they were in. Not every dog can fit into every house, and not every house is for every dog. That is why we spend lots of time with our rescues before placing them. We get to know their quirks, their temperament, and who they are as individuals. This ensures the best success for both you and your new dog.