About Therapy Dogs


What are Therapy Dogs?

Therapy dogs are expertly trained dogs who are invited to visit schools, nursing homes, hospitals, courtrooms, and other public places where multiple individuals may require love and comfort. Pawsible Angel’s therapy dogs are trustworthy in professional environments and can perform over 40 cues designed to motivate and inspire clients with special needs. Our handlers are working professionals or volunteers responsible for handling the therapy dog and holding them to only the highest behavior standards. Many of our handlers are committed to long-term employment or volunteering where they directly serve clients with special needs a minimum of twenty hours per week. 

Therapy Dogs in Schools

In an educational setting, a therapy dog helps engage students in schools and special education classes. They can also bring comfort students while in counseling. After seeing the numerous benefits our dogs provide to students, Pawsible Angels made it our mission to place at least one certified therapy dog team at every school in Hancock County. If you are a teacher, counselor, or other staff at a Hancock County school and you’re interested in having a dog partnered with your school, please contact us for more information!

Therapy Dogs in Hospitals

In a health care environment, activities such as grooming, feeding and playing fetch with a therapy dog can aid patients in medical rehabilitation and psychiatric programs. Therapy dogs in nursing homes can brighten moods and encourage social interaction from patients, increasing feelings of wellness.

Therapy Dogs in Court

A well-mannered and highly trained therapy dog encourages feelings of calm and security for clients in a visitation setting such as a courtroom. Our dogs are trained to perform behaviors which help relieve feelings of anxiety so victims can overcome the stress of telling their stories.