It all started when…

Pawsible Angels is the brainchild of Michele Frank. Having dealt with chronic pain for years, and the comorbid conditions of PTSD as well as suffering from Bi Polar Disorder II, she and her doctors knew that she would find great value and assistance in having a service dog. However, after a year of looking at service dog programs, she got very frustrated because she could not find one that met all her needs. In addition, they all required travel and extended stays to the training facilities, as well as a huge cost. She also realized that she would have to bring the dog home and retrain it to her environment, as well as continue intensive training for the additional tasks she needed that it was not trained for.

After much talking to her therapist and doctors, as well as internal introspection, she decided to commit to raising her own service dog with the help of a trainer. She brought Sarge home on November 11, 2015 as an 8 week old puppy, and began his training program 2 weeks later. By the time he was a year old, she, as well as her doctors and therapist, recognized not only the value the dog had to her, but the therapeutic benefits of training him. After talking with her husband, and getting his backing and blessing, Pawsible Angels was born.

Pawsible Angels provides service dogs to those in need due to mobility issues, hearing issues, psychiatric issues, and more.

Pawsible Angels also provides therapy dog services to Riverdale Schools, Arlington Schools, Marathon, Blanchard Valley Hospital, The Heritage, Fox Run Manor and others as needed on a case by case basis.

Currently we have over 50 working service dog teams throughout the United States.

Our Training Methods

Our training methods are proven in science based methodology. We are, and always will be, a no choke, no prong, no e-collar organization. This sits at the very core of our beliefs in The Dog’s Bill of Rights. Pawsible’s training plan for any dog is founded upon the Hierarchy of Dog Needs developed by Linda Michaels.

In developing a plan, we recognize that each dog, and each client, is an individual, and bring different skills and struggles to the table. That is why there are no cookie cutter training plans at Pawsible. While Pawsible service dog teams and therapy dog teams do have tests they are required to pass before they can be officially called a team, much work, blood, sweat and sometimes tears goes into what is seen out in public.

Should you like to purchase the manual that started it all, it is available here.

Purchase our step by step basic obedience manual here.

(Note from Michele - You want them both.)

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Where do We Get Our Dogs?

Pawsible will first utilize every option available to us to rescue a dog for a potential client. Should a suitable rescue dog not be found, we will then and only then look to known and responsible breeders. We do not have a breeding program, nor do we want one. We do not keep dogs standing and waiting in a kennel for clients. Each dog is hand picked and chosen specifically for each client’s needs. Depending on the client’s situation, the distance from Pawsible, and the needs of the dog, we may place the dog directly in the client’s home or we may place in a Puppy Raiser’s home for a while. Pawsible will also work with a dog you already have, provided it passes our evaluation and is deemed a suitable candidate.

Why do we use Rescue Dogs?

Long story short, because we believe in second chances. Many dogs in shelters today are there because they weren’t given the proper direction or training as puppies, and so developed some sort of issue (chewing, hyperactivity, etc.) as teenagers or adults. Some of them were just the wrong dog for the house they were in. Not every dog can fit into every house. That is why we spend lots of time with our rescues before placing them. We get to know their quirks, their temperament, and who they are as individuals. This ensures the best success for both you and your new dog.

Do I Have to Rehome My Other Pets?

Short answer: probably not. Word of Warning - if a problem arises between your Pawsible dog and your other pet(s), and behavior modification and management fails for any reason or safety is an issue, you will be expected to rehome your other pet(s).