Monti is available for a pet home adoption, however, he will do best in a home where his people are dedicated to doing things with him and working with him. He LOVES to be active!

Hello! Let me introduce myself- My name is Monti, I am a purebred black lab and I’m almost two! I was selected to be trained as a service dog by Pawsible Angels, but, unfortunately, my family decided that I wasn’t the best fit for them. However, I am continuing training with my foster before I go back to the training center in Findlay, Ohio. I am extremely obedient and loyal, almost to a fault. I will not touch my food unless I am told to sit and wait for it. I know my basic commands such as: Sit, wait, lay down, stand, to urinate on a cue, to kennel up and to go to the house on a cue. I walk well on leash, and I also have a few tasks: I provide Deep Pressure Therapy and am learning behavior interruptions. Although I have several qualifications, I can be standoffish with new people and may bark. This is something that I am currently working on and will need to be continually worked with, I also am working on greeting and learning to play respectfully with other dogs. Don’t let my standoffish ways fool you!! Once I trust you, you’re my best friend and will do anything to make you happy. Being almost two, I am still extremely active. I love to swim and also have been taught to dock dive! I love long walks and hiking. I also have a passion for fetch! I also LOVE to watch TV!! I’d do best in a house with a smaller family that have dog experience or in a home with an experienced dog handler. I would also like to be put into a working home, whether it by dock diving, hunting or other sports, or to continue my career as a service dog! I love to run and play, so an active home is a must!! I get along with calmer dogs, but am still learning how to be respectful towards dogs that don’t want to play with me… I am still a puppy!! I also need a home with a lot of structure and well set rules as I aim to please and really dislike doing something that I could get in trouble for. I would like a fenced in yard, but have been trained to be on a tie out so long as you’re not leaving me unattended for long periods of time. I have never had interaction with cats, but based off of my activity level and my desire to play; I’d probably do best without cats. I would love to get a family that has a lot of love to give and some patience for me to come out of my shell!

You can see more of me on my Facebook page HERE.

If you are interested, please fill out an application. I would love the chance to meet you!

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