Piper is as sweet as she looks! Piper is available for a pet home adoption, but has the potential to be a service dog, or really anything. Her focus and attentiveness to her people is amazing.

She is an active young female. She is very social and does great when outside of the home. Shei is comfortable with new people and loves everyone she meets. She likes to play and chew, so toys are a must. She is curious and very aware of her environment. She will sit and watch you make dinner, or just look at the birds outside.

She does well with a crate and greets you with great enthusiasm when you come home. She is learning her manners, like sit, lay, stay and come. Loose leash walking is a bit of a struggle right now because Piper loves to explore.

Piper enjoys being outdoors, but mostly wants to be where ever the people are. She loves to be the center of attention. She is good around other dogs who also want to play, but sometimes does get jealous when they get attention and she doesn’t. She does not startle easily and is comfortable with normal household noises. She is pretty quiet (she does bark occasionally), and is really just super easygoing. She really desires to be near her people and will often just cuddle up for a nap.

Piper’s happiness revolves around being your best friend. To apply to adopt Piper, please fill out the application.

Michele FrankComment