Become a Certified Therapy Dog Team


Become a Certified Therapy Dog Team!

Becoming a therapy dog team isn’t for everyone. Below outlines the qualities that every good therapy dog and therapy dog handler must have:

What are the qualities of a good therapy dog?

  • Well behaved and calm in a variety of situations, even when things get busy/stressful

  • Well socialized to a variety of people and other animals

  • A gentle and loving nature

  • Comfortable being touched and handled all over their body by multiple people

  • Good doggie manners (must be able to walk nicely on a leash and perform obedience cues in many different environments)

What are the qualities of a good handler?

  • Generally social and outgoing

  • Good communication skills (engaging and able to start/carry on conversation)

  • Responds to stress in a calm, level headed manner

  • The ability to read both dog and human social cues well

  • Responsible dog owner

How to Apply

Step 1) The first step in training a therapy dog with the help of Pawsible Angels is to fill out our application located below. 

Step 2) Upon reviewing your application, you will be contacted by one of our trainers to schedule an evaluation for your dog. From there, we’ll go over the duration and costs of training. If everything sounds good, you’ll fill out a training contract. 

Step 3) After a training contract is signed, we will schedule our first training session! Training time varies from dog to dog, depending on the age and skillset of your dog when we start training. 

(Application coming soon! Call Michele in the meantime to discuss.)