Apprentice Dog Trainer (Internship)

Trainer Apprentice

Job Description

Dog trainers are responsible for teaching dogs to perform behaviors that assist dogs learning how to live in a human world.  The required behaviors can vary widely based on the type of training requested.

As is the case for all canine career professionals, dog trainers must possess the requisite skill set for working with dogs.  These traits include excellent communication skills, patience, a strong background in canine behavior, a solid grasp of obedience training techniques, and a solid understanding of basic canine anatomy and husbandry.  They must also take care to ensure that all dogs are properly cared for while under their supervision and are only trained using force free, humane methods.

Dog trainers apprentices must be comfortable working with both people and dogs.  They will be learning the skills needed to select dogs for the training program, evaluate their temperament and suitability, and track their progress as they complete training exercises.  They may also assist in screening applicants to be sure that they pair each individual with the correct dog. After making the match, they will learn how to help the client and dog establish a partnership so that they can work together to achieve a variety of goals.  This can involve travel to provide in-home training while the client and dog establish their bond for the first few weeks to years. There may also be additional lessons after certification to address any issues that have arisen or to teach the dog additional desired behaviors.  Every two years, they will learn to test their teams for recertification. Dog Trainer Apprentices are also expected to help work the kennels and care for the dogs to learn kennel care and safety protocols.


  • 1 year college course work in animal behavior, psychology, pre-vet, or biology

  • 10 years relevant dog ownership


Pay is dependent upon the applicant’s qualifications and skills.  The apprenticeship program lasts for two years, after which, the apprentice may graduate to a Service Dog Trainer Level 3, which is a paid position.  

Hours per Week


How to Apply

Fill out the Job Application, and submit your resume (.pdf) along with a 2 minute video highlighting your bond with your dog and explaining how you achieved that.

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