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Michele started training dogs over 20 some years ago with her first heart dog, Sam. Training dogs back then was much different than what it is now, as science hadn’t really entered into the picture yet. Friends and family recognized that she kinda had a knack for communicating with dogs, and would occasionally as her for help with theirs. She never really intended to become a full time dog trainer, as she holds a MBA and historically has worked in the marketing field. Michele’s training philosophy is “First, Do No Harm”. She is always researching and learning new methods and tools, so one should not be surprised if she suddenly changes the way she is training your dog on you! It just means she learned a new and better way! She does not believe in ever using things like e-collars, choke chains or prong collars. She does believe in using the prolific use of Nudges (her treat of preference and commonly known as “doggie crack” by her clients), lots of love and toys. Michele is also a recognized Behavioral Consultant for Dogs and Working Dogs by the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants. When Michele isn’t training, she is probably spending time with her two children, Keaton and Autumn, her husband Brent and his son, Carson. She also enjoys reading, writing the occasional blog, drinking lots of coffee and Coke, and just sitting outside with her own three dogs.

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Jen Fulton comes to us with years of marketing, public relations and event planning experience. When not busy at her shop, Buggy Whip Cake Studio, she is actively planning our next move, meeting with donors, and working on marketing campaigns.

As you may notice, Jen’s profile is the only one of a cat. She has 2 dogs, Brian and Gary, but also has cats, and generally walks around with this expression when Michele says “Hey Jen!” Between all of that and her husband, she stays amazingly busy!



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