Our Training Method


 Our Training Methods

Our training methods are proven in science based methodology. We are, and always will be, a no choke, no prong, no e-collar organization. This sits at the very core of our beliefs in The Dog’s Bill of Rights. Pawsible’s training plan for any dog is founded upon the Hierarchy of Dog Needs developed by Linda Michaels.

In developing a plan, we recognize that each dog, and each client, is an individual, and bring different skills and struggles to the table. That is why there are no cookie cutter training plans at Pawsible. While Pawsible service dog teams and therapy dog teams do have tests they are required to pass before they can be officially called a team, much work, blood, sweat and sometimes tears goes into what is seen out in public.

Should you like to purchase the manual that started it all, it is available here.

Purchase our step by step basic obedience manual here.

(Note from Michele - You want them both.)

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