Problem Dogs


Behavior Modification Therapy

Animal behavior consultants are called in when a companion animal has developed a challenging behavior which makes life difficult for both the animal and the people they live with. These behavioral consultants are more than just trainers. They have completed many hours of behavioral education which has taught them to identify exactly what is causing the problem, suggest ways to immediately manage the behavior/prevent it from getting worse, and then develop an intervention program to change the behavior and help prevent it from happening again. 

Pawsible Angels is lucky to have multiple IAABC behavioral consultants on our team. The IAABC is an international organization which standardizes and support the practice of animal behavior consulting through quality, evidence-based education and peer mentoring. 

How do I know that I need a behavioral consultant?

If your dog is behaving in an aggressive, anxious, or worrying way and you have ruled out a medical cause by visiting a veterinarian, then your next step is to look to us. Fear and aggression are the two most common reasons for seeing a behavior consultant. 

Aggression could be directed toward strangers, other people in your home, or other animals; it could happen all the time or only in certain situations like when there’s food or a toy involved. 

Fear could involve phobias of storms and fireworks, of the groomer or veterinarian, or of other people and animals. Another common issue for behavior consultants is destructive behavior when left alone as a result of fear, commonly called Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress

All of these issues can greatly affect the quality of life for pets and their families. Our behavior consultant will work with the whole family to resolve the problem in a positive and effective way for everyone. 

How much does behavior modification therapy cost?

The total cost depends on the complexity of your animal's problem. The initial consultation is free, and Pawsible does offer packages (with discounts!) based upon your dog's and your family's individual needs. Our goal is always to keep your family together and alleviate the stress caused by problem dog behaviors.