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Amanda is one of those people you meet and she’s like a breath of fresh air. You just know everything is going to be alright in her perfectly capable hands. She is our first point of contact for our service dog applicants, as well as our go to person for our puppy raisers. In addition, she works with local area shelters to help provide enrichment opportunities for the dogs while they stay there to reduce behavioral issues.



Kym is the kindest, gentlest soul you’ve ever met. Her love for all things knows no bounds, and it is readily apparent in her day to day actions.

Kym serves as the training center guardian, living on site and providing our dogs that may be temporarily (or in some rare cases permanently) housed at the center the care, love and attention they need to feel safe and secure. She assist with implementing training plans and behavior modification protocols, and oversees that the facility is kept up to our strict standards (oh, let’s not lie - she taught us everything we know). From using organically sourced materials to ensuring that we have earth and dog friendly chemicals, Kym is the brains of it all. And she does this all while running her own kennel, K9 Retreat and Spa Findlay. Kym is always ready and willing to help with whatever Pawsible throws at her, and has yet to meet a dog she couldn’t charm the hairs off of.

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Joann Fuller: Veterinary Social Worker

Joanne Fuller,LISW, is a Veterinary Social Worker at Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic, a private small animal/exotic practice in Findlay Ohio. In this role at the clinic and at Pawsible, she assists staff and clients in addressing the emotional toll of pet loss, euthanasia, compassion fatigue and anger as a result of grief. She also assists with reception and office duties at BVVC. Joanne and her family have fostered for Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence. Joanne received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury University and Master of Social Work from the University of KY. She completed post-graduate Veterinary Social Worker certification from the University of TN.

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OOOHHHH This could be you!

Do you have what it takes to run a program for Pawsible? Do you have an idea for a unique program that furthers our mission? Shoot us an email and tell us about it/yourself! This could be you!