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Psychiatric service dogs

Psychiatric service dogs are trained to assist individuals with psychiatric disabilities such as anxiety, clinical depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, autism, and much more. Pawsible Angels’ psychiatric service dogs can be trained to alert or respond to things like panic attacks, mood shifts, flashbacks, meltdowns, and more. They can also be trained to aid a handler in their day to day life by providing medication reminders, encouraging their handlers to get out of bed, encouraging them to eat, providing reality checks for disoriented handlers, disrupting self-harm behaviors, and calling for help with an emergency phone. 

Most importantly, having a service dog at their side can offer their handlers the freedom, independence, confidence, security to leave their home and live their day to day life. This, in turn, may decrease isolation and loneliness via more opportunities to meet and socialize with others, as well as reduce their reliance on other people for everyday needs and enhance the ability to enter or re-enter the workforce. Additionally, like all dogs, psychiatric service dogs provide their owners with the love and support that comes from loyal and reliable companionship.

Upon completion of basic service dog training, our prospective psychiatric service dogs receive many months of intensive psychiatric episode response training to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their tasks in real-world settings. 

In order to be eligible for a psychiatric service dog, applicants must:

  • Have a psychiatric disability

  • Have a prescription letter for a service dog from their doctor

  • Be independent in mobility

  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to safely and effectively control, manage and care for a dog

  • Have the adequate vision to observe, intervene and manage a dog’s behavior (generally equivalent to DMV license requirements)

  • Be willing to participate in ongoing Pawsible Angels training and graduate support program

The process to receive a Pawsible Angels assistance dog includes multiple steps. Click the link below to find out if an assistance dogs is right for you and start the process to receive more information.