Puppy Raising


Become a Puppy Raiser!

Puppy raising is one of the best ways you can make an impact in a disabled individual’s life. Puppy raisers are given a service puppy prospect to live with and train anywhere from 6-12 months. All food, veterinary, and other training/care expenses will be covered by Pawsible Angels. You’ll also have access to free training lessons and support along the way from our expert trainers. 

In order to become a puppy raiser, you must commit to the following: 

  • You will provide a safe, healthy environment where the puppy feels loved and wanted 

  • You will agree to uphold our training and husbandry standards, which can be found in The Dog’s Bill of Rights and The Dog’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • You will be dedicated to following an intense socialization plan and keeping the puppy with you as much as possible (i.e. shopping, work, family outings, etc.) 

  • You will teach the puppy good house manners following force-free principles

  • You will provide healthy exercise, play, and positive training to the puppy daily 

  • You will take the puppy to the vet for regular medical care (i.e. vaccinations) in coordination with Pawsible Angels

  • You will complete monthly “Pawgress Reports” provided by the trainers and agree to allow trainers into your home as needed for training assistance and additional evaluations

  • You will attend training classes hosted by Pawsible Angels (or agree to private lessons) at least twice a month

  • You will return the puppy to Pawsible Angels as instructed by the trainers at the completion of his training

Puppy raising is a huge family commitment and everyone in the family must not only be in support of bringing a service puppy into the home, but they must all be involved in the training, care, and overall welfare of the puppy. While we do support children looking to get involved with force-free dog training, primary puppy raisers must be at least 18 years old. 

Want to get involved?

Fill out an application here. When complete, email directly to Michele.